J.W. Marine Products - Four Stroke Outboard Oil Change Pan

This indispensable tool is a must have for professional Outboard technicians and do it yourself boat owners, the professional mechanics that field tested this tool were amazed at how easy it was to use and the clean up time it saved them,

Pricing: $16.50 Each

Dealer and wholesale pricing available please inquire.

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Oil Filter Drain pans Ship USPS Flat Rate Priority 2-3 days $6.50 can ship up to four Drain pans for the same shipping price. Massachusetts residents add 6.25% sales tax

Instructions for use:

NOTE: It is recommended that electrical power to the engine be turned off prior to any service being performed.

  1. Remove any covers or cowlings that restricts access to the oil filter, in some cases removing fuel filters and electric cabling is necessary to gain access to the oil filter.

  2. Using the appropriate oil filter wrench for your engine, loosen the filter to HAND TIGHTNESS ONLY – you want to be able to turn the filter by hand after loosening it.

  3. Insert the large end of the Oil filter drain pan underneath the oil filter. On Yamaha applications you will need to tilt the engine up so the drain pan is angled to a slight downward angle, place a small refuse container underneath the small end of the oil filter drain pan.

  4. With the drain pain in place, remove the filter by hand allowing it to drop in the pan. You may want to leave the drain pan in place a few minutes while residual oil drains from the engine..


This tool is compatible with most manufactures models of V-6, V-8 and in-line four cylinder, four stroke outboard engines.